Wagyu burger

Only the genetics of purebred Wagyu can determine the tenderness and unparalleled flavour of the meat. So, don’t let yourself be deceived by derivatives of genuine breeds! These are often the result of cross-breeding with other breeds of cattle like Black Angus.

Burger de WagyuThere is no label to guarantee the purity of the meat, so many fakes are unfortunately now circulating on the market. Connoisseurs will however immediately notice the difference in flavour.
Wagyu beef possesses superior (intense) marbling, making it incredibly tender, flavourful and juicy. Minced Wagyu beef for use in burgers comes from genuine Japanese Wagyu breeds, raised free range in northern France, without antibiotics or hormones.
Just imagine the flavours delivered by a timeless hamburger or beefsteak, but made with Wagyu burger meat.

Close your eyes a moment to savour the explosiveness of the unique taste of internationally renowned Wagyu beef.
Have you experienced the effects of dopamine on the brain with the best beef in the world, Wagyu H?! Dopamine is released in the frontal lobe and nucleus accumbens, stimulating the brain’s pleasure centre.

Lastly, here are our suggested cooking temperatures (to be measured with a meat thermometer): 

Roasts: 57-60ºC (135-140ºF). Let sit for 15 minutes after cooking. The internal temperature will increase by another 3-5ºC (5-9ºF).
63ºC (145ºF). Insert the thermometer sideways into the meat.
Beef mince:
72ºC (160ºF).


Wagyu burger

The advantages of a Wagyu burger

  • Delicious meat, adaptable to organic ingredients and sauces.
  • Hamburgers reinvented, for a copious lunch, as part of a balanced meal.
  • Convenient, meaning you can take it anywhere, anytime
  • Inexpensive, thanks to the excellent price per kilo of minced burger meet


Our breed of cattle

Kobe burgerA cattle breed is considered to be exceptional if it produces meat of the highest quality which is highly esteemed by consumers. Although its cost remains high, minced burger meat is perfectly affordable on any budget, so everyone can enjoy the refined taste of Wagyu beef.

Very good meat generally means an exquisite flavour and particularly high marbling. Marbled meat is extremely tender, rich and melts in the mouth, because the fat is evenly distributed throughout the muscle tissue. Although it is fatty, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is unhealthy. In fact, thanks to the presence of essential fatty acids, exceptional red meat is low in cholesterol. It should be noted that producing exceptional meat is no easy feat. The livestock farming conditions are usually quite remarkable: protein-rich feed, well-developed farmland, complete absence of stress, and grain fodder.