Wagyu Inside steak - 1 kg
52,50 €
Price per kilo : 52,50 €
Wagyu Internal flank plate - 1 kg
85,00 €
Price per kilo : 85,00 €
Wagyu Rump cap - 1 kg
150,00 €
Price per kilo : 150,00 €
Wagyu Tri-tip - 1 kg
75,00 €
Price per kilo : 75,00 €

Kobe beef farming

Kobe beef farming

Kobe cows were traditionally used as working or draught animals in Japan. They were selected for their ability to quickly break down fat into sugar and then transform that sugar into energy and muscle strength...
grades wagyu

Grades of Kobe beef

Its quality is top-of-the-line, like with pasturable sturgeon breeding. Just like that form of caviar farming, there are different quality grades of Kobe beef...

Price of Kobe beef

It is true that this exceptional meat comes with a high price tag, but at the same time, its taste quality is unmatched. This Wagyu breed of beef is identifiable by its pink, marbled colouring.
where to find kobe beef

Where to find Wagyu beef

Our Wagyu beef comes from a farm in France, located in a lovely rural region which is famous for its terroir...
beef meat Halal

Halal certification

Our cattle farm is located in some of France’s most gorgeous wooded countryside. This setting is conducive to the Wagyu H philosophy of changing mentalities by offering Wagyu Halal meat...

Wagyu burgers

Only the genetics of purebred Wagyu can determine the tenderness and unparalleled flavour of the meat. So, don’t let yourself be deceived by derivatives of genuine breeds!