Kobe beef farming in France

WAGYU is a contraction of the words wa (meaning “Japanese”) and gyu (“beef”). Kobe, a variety of Wagyu from Japan’s Hyogo prefecture, is produced using ancestral animal husbandry methods and has only recently begun to be imported in France. This breed of Japanese cattle is extremely rare and unique in the world for its inimitable buttery, hazelnutty taste.

Kobe cows were traditionally used as working or draught animals in Japan. They were selected for their ability to quickly break down fat into sugar and then transform that sugar into energy and muscle strength.
Kobe beef is marbled and extremely tender (“melt in your mouth”) and is endowed with its own specific set of sensory properties. In particular, it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are low in cholesterol and can even have a positive effect on health.


Cattle breeding

L'élevage du bœuf Wagyu
Kobe cattle farming was established in Belgium, with calves mothered by surrogate Holstein cows. The first purebred Kobe cattle were born in February 2006. Two years later, thanks to insemination and the use of 100% Kobe semen doses from the US, Wagyu beef farming truly took shape in France. A lover of that Wagyu breed came up with the idea of working on its genetics directly, which is how the first extractions from sexually mature cows came to take place in May 2009. Charolais and Aubrac surrogates are used to carry the embryos. The first Kobe beef was produced by the livestock and sold in 2010. The farm was then improved in the interest of ensuring a healthy breeding environment and aiming for excellence in the quality of Kobe beef.

So, to give you, as consumers, clearer insight into this meat whose flavour quality is comparable to that of an extraordinary caviar or foie gras, it is vital for you to understand how it is farmed and the enormous work required to take good care of these Kobe cows.

Pure breed from Kobe regionFor example, you can ask your butcher or restaurant about the provenance of the meat and its BMS (Beef Marbling Score). The best Kobe beef has a BMS rating of 10 to 12! You can expect to see explosive prices, because you will have to appreciate beef as it is consumed in its country of origin. The Kobe label is awarded in the Hyogo prefecture.


Pure breed quality from the Kobe region

Lovers of red meat can tell the difference on their palates. Wagyu H’s selection focuses on Tajima, the strain specific to Kobe beef, to ensure the excellence and unparalleled quality of our products.

Our rigorous specifications allow us to humbly offer one of the world’s top-quality meats, as shown on our website.

An inspection of the cattle farm, indicating the climate conditions and how the heifers and calves are reared, will tell you more about the natural fattening of Kobe cows.
Lastly, the most conclusive question is whether the Kobe beef is 100% purebred Japanese Black or is the result of cross-breeding.

We work towards consistent quality in our Kobe beef to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Its unequalled flavour must not fall below the Kobe beef grade of 7. Otherwise, we could not justify pricing in line with our high standards as a Kobe cattle farmer in France.